About Us | BE Outfitter


As a community of climbers, surfers, runners and every other activity on the list, we are bound together by our need to get out. Our lifestyle is our own, and we need approachable gear ready for those moments when we need to get out the door quick.

In our own adventures, we found that we ourselves weren’t being catered to by existing outdoor products. We were in a gap that on one end centered around technical performance and lacked in approachability. The other end focused on a “cool” look likely to fail in rough conditions. That didn’t fit us. We aren’t summiting the highest peaks but we admire performance gear. We like fashion but realize the difference between innovative design and shit that looks good. We aren’t professionals in any one thing, but we work to be well-versed in everything. We get out to make memories and we need the right gear that makes these moments possible.

So in Spring 2017, BE Outfitter Launched on Kickstarter with the Tahquitz Pack and Cabrillo Dry Bag. Two separate products designed to work together to embrace versatility and welcome the unpredictable. Carry Forth.

Rory and Jeff Rogan
Brothers and Founder/ Co-Founder of BE.