What Makes The Tahquitz The Most Versatile Pack (In Our Opinion)

What Makes The Tahquitz The Most Versatile Pack (In Our Opinion)

We set out to create the Tahquitz so we could own a pack that simplified our work/travel life, and perform for our growing number of outdoor recreation obsessions. Here’s why we think it’s the most versatile bag out there.

Everyday size

In our time before BE, we traveled plenty with giant 45 - 50L backpacks. For big trips there wasn’t much middle ground for carrying options so go with what works right? Not necessarily. We would find ourselves walking around a foreign city with a look that screamed “tourist backpacker”. 

So we developed the Tahquitz to come in two sizes - 35L and 40L. The roll-top closure allows for additional capacity if needed and will easily pack for 3-4 days. Above all it still looks great for everyday carry so you don’t have to roam urban areas looking like you just finished the PCT.


Hidden Features - Hip Straps, Passport Pocket, Daisy Chains, Water Bottle Pocket

As young kids we were enamored with the russian dolls our parents had during the holidays.  We’d open this wooden handcrafted doll and to our surprise it just keeps going with doll after doll inside. It’s a weird metaphor, but we wanted to apply a similar idea to the Tahquitz. A simple sleek look on the outside but as you work through the bag you discover all this surprise functionality hidden within. Our favorite hidden features:

Hip straps - great for when you need them but not when you don’t. Our back panel is designed to hide them comfortably. Plus they actually do their job well.

Back of sand tahquitz pack. Hip straps are deployed and buckled

Water Bottle Pocket - We were tired of the pocket mesh snagging on branches. So to protect it, it’s just a quick zip.

Water Bottle Pocket

Daisy Chains - We’ve hooked everything to these daisy chains. Climbing shoes, backcountry skis. Whatever can’t fit inside, can most likely fit outside if you’re creative enough.

Climbing gear hooked on bag daisy chains
Passport Pocket - Safe from prying eyes and hands, it’s an easy access point to use during travel.

    Hidden Passport Pocket in the back panel of Tahquitz

    3/4 Zip For Easy Inside Access

    In addition to the roll top for entry, the Tahquitz includes a ¾ zip on the side to simplify packing. When packing, unroll the top and unzip the side and you can load in all your essentials no problem. Also it comes in really handy those times when you’re on a flight and need to get to something on the bottom of the pack.

    Bag opened fully with 3/4 zip

    Cabrillo Insertion

    When carrying a DSLR camera during travel we became impatient with having to open multiple bags to get to it. For the urgent shots, the moment was usually gone. So our Cabrillo dry bag fits securely into the bottom of the Tahquitz. Through the waterproof zipper access on the side, it’s a quick zip to reach your camera.

    Camera pulled out of the cabrillo insert.

    Everything Else

    500D Cordura Nylon with a DWR finish, it’s durable for your toughest adventures and water-resistant (we’ve got the dry bag for your waterproof needs). If you need assurance on the quality take a look at one of our top Amazon reviews:

    Amazon review of the Tahquitz pack

    Our laptop sleeve also operates a sleeve for a hydration bladder. Use it for your laptop all week, then once the weekend hits, ditch the work at home for that 15-mile hike you’ve been dying to do.

    Pulling apple laptop out of the laptop sleeve

    Then the most important feature for last - a breathable padded back panel and shoulder straps for comfort for all-day carry.

    We covered a lot there. But that’s how positive we are that it’s one of the top versatile packs for your everyday life and adventure. And if you don’t believe us, take it from the experts from Outside Online.