The Tahquitz Is Back! What's New?

The Tahquitz Is Back! What's New?

The same pack you love with fresh features. So what’s different?

New fabrics and less webbing for a lighter, more comfortable carry.

The new Tahquitz has been constructed with a 500D Cordura Nylon fabric maintaining high durability and water-resistance for rough conditions. We followed by reducing the amount of webbing for the shoulder and hip straps and removed the velcro on the outside of the pack (which also means no more catching on clothing) to further cut weight. Overall, the Tahquitz 35L dropped from 40.2 oz to 38.7 oz, while the 40L dropped from 44.9 oz to 43.1 oz. 

Plus, the new padding for shoulder straps and back panel is more breathable. Which means more relief from back-sweat on those long hikes.


Sometimes classic is better. We’ve swapped the roll-top closures with buckles rather than the magnetic fidlocks. This allows for multiple closing configurations for adjusted capacity, with a fully secure closure. We still recommend rolling towards the back panel for the cleanest look.

Look at back panel and shoulder straps of green backpack

Water Bottle Pocket

Our hidden water bottle pocket now features a cinch tab to fasten a variety of size water-bottles. It will fit everything from a 32 oz Nalgene, to your everyday bottle. 


Oh yea... In case you didn't notice we've come out with 3 new color-ways in addition to bringing back the the Midnight Black.

Why the changes?

We launched our first Kickstarter for the Tahquitz back in November 2017. Since then we've had plenty of customer feedback with overwhelmingly positive reviews about the high functionality of the Tahquitz. So keeping all the core elements, we've listened to the constructive feedback from our loyal following to make the ideal everyday adventure pack even better.