Send It: A Helpful Guide

Send It: A Helpful Guide

The sport of climbing has been one of the most rapidly growing outdoor sports in the last 10 years. What once was a sport filled with dirt-bags largely ignored by the majority of the public has quickly transitioned to dominate social media and set trends for future generations. 

In particular, one phrase has managed to transcend far past the sport itself into surf, ski and snow culture, to gym fanatics, and even college kids encouraging each other to slam beers. The phrase we're referring to is “send it”.  More endearing than “don’t be a wuss” and more literal/accurate than “balls to the wall” it’s the perfect way to say to a friend “go for it”.

However you may want to use it, we’re not here to judge. But if you haven’t heard it before and need some context we’ll be happy to provide some clarity, because this is due to stick around longer than recent viral sensation “Catch me Outside”.

Send It
: Used to encourage an action that usually involves completing/ascending/descending something in a badass manner including, but not limited to, rock faces, waves, and mountains. 

No-go Scenario:

Unless you’re Jason Bourne doing backflips in a motorcycle there is no “badass” way to send an escalator

Correct scenario:

Buddy takes off on the biggest wave of the day.

You cheer him on exclaiming “send it!”

Gray area Scenario:

Buddy: “I’m going to parkour this park bench”

You: “send that shit bro”

Finally there is the art of actually “sending it” or completing a send. In our opinion unless the problem/route, wave, etc was made without slamming, whipping, eating it than we do not qualify it as a successful send...Unless the action was attempted with zero hesitation and regard for personal safety and what appeared to be a failure was in fact a blaze of glory i.e. Bohdi paddling out into the hundred year storm in the 1991 original film Point Break. Bohdi... you sent that wave straight into our hearts. RIP