Journey Behind the Tahquitz

Journey Behind the Tahquitz

It's been one year. One year since we flew over to Vietnam in a blend of excitement and nervousness to make final pack alterations for our manufacturer. One year since we realized, "this is really happening". 

A lot has changed since our launch. They say gardening you can pull up one weed and ten more sprout. We can say the same about the number of jobs you have while starting your own business. The difference is that it's all part of the fun, but the development behind the Tahquitz remains our favorite achievement. As a thank you to all of our backers that have gotten us here, we would like to share a look at the development behind the Tahquitz. From testing the first prototype by traveling in a van across New Zealand, to the product that you carry with you on your adventures. Enjoy!

Wye Creek, New Zealand

Castlepoint, New Zealand

 Angels Fright on Tahquitz, Idyllwild, CA

Hike To North Dome, Yosemite, CA

Seattle, WA

Mammoth, CA

 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam