5 Ways to Celebrate Love In The Covid Age

5 Ways to Celebrate Love In The Covid Age

We listened to Rihanna "find love in a hopeless place". Now it’s time to celebrate that love in the Covid Age.


Let’s face it, Covid has forced us into some bad habits. Working remotely used to sound like a dream. Now, we’ve realized working on top of our significant other for 40 hours a week isn’t as glorious as we expected. In a year that we’ve been so close, dodging each other's zoom calls while wearing the same clothes 3-4 times a week, we can fail to make the appropriate, intentional time for one another. 

So make time this Valentine’s Day. We’re firm believers that it’s not always about the grand gestures but the little moments that we can do to be better for our loved ones. And if you’re lost on where to start and need some inspiration, here are a few tips:

Build a Bonfire

You can literally and figuratively watch the fire burn in each other's eyes this Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a pit, Solo Stove creates portable smokeless stoves so you and your partner can enjoy a heartwarming fire without ending the night smelling like a BBQ. Bonus points for bringing marshmallows. 

Cook Together

While cooking for your significant other is sure to earn you their good graces, sharing a meal you cooked together just hits a little different. Throw on some dance music, pour that glass of wine and enjoy creating a meal together. Also, having one prepper and one cooker will save time on the labor and cleanup (unless one of you owns the kitchen - which then to each their own).

Hammock Hang

In the backyard or local park, there are plenty of ways to safely social distance hang outside with your Valentine. Leave the phones at home and enjoy the neature instead by bringing some books, games, or a cheeseboard. No trees around? No problem. The Campo works both as a hammock and a waterproof ground cover allowing you to adjust for wherever you end up.

Set off on a Microadventure

If you haven’t read Alistair Humphrey’s Microadventures, the idea is simple - explore areas close to home that are simple and inexpensive. Yes, Covid has restricted our travel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new invigorating experiences that can’t be had right outside our homes. You and your partner decide your limits, build a playlist for the car ride (remember when burning CDs were Valentine’s gifts) and set course. 

If All Else Fails, Build a Fort

Yeah that’s right, we’re in our 30s talking about building indoor forts. Covid has turned us into creatures of comfort, and if you find yourself in the same routine of Netflix and Doordash, that’s cool. But spice it up a bit. Make your living room into a theatre, and if you come up with a drinking game to go with that movie you’ve seen a hundred times, it’s bound to be a fun night either way.